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In this chapter, the author helps you define your goals. Are you looking to make a lot of money? Do you want to be famous? Do you hear voices in commercials and say "I can do that". If you believe you've got the talent and there's something inside of you that says I've got to do this , then in this book, you will find detailed information to help you get started.

What is a voice-over?
This chapter explains the meaning of the term "voice-over" and the steps that are involved in participating in a recording session as a voice over "talent" or "actor".

Where are voice-overs used?
Voice-overs aren't for broadcast commercials only! In this chapter, the author provides a valuable road map to several areas where your voice can be used to generate an income.

Financial Rewards
So, exactly how much money can be made doing voice-overs? In this chapter, Steve Irwin reveals the standard rates that most voice actors can command, including local and national rates that are garnered by members of the performers union that supports major market voice-over talent. Find out exactly how much you can earn doing voice overs in your spare time, or full-time!

Types of voice-overs
Before you can earn an income as a voice-over announcer, you'll need to understand the various types of voices that are used and why. This important chapter can help you discover your own, unique "niche" in the voice-over industry.

Are celebrity impressions required for voice-over success? The answer may surprise you. If you can do impressions, learn what separates the pros from the amateurs in this informative chapter. Make your impressions stand out and be recognized -- without the benefit of visual clues.

In order to be successful at voice-overs you need to be a good actor. You may not win any Academy awards for doing voice-overs, but in this chapter the author will help you unleash your creative side and help you win the parts -- that pay.

Getting started
Since acting is the key to doing voice-overs, then taking an acting class or an acting workshop is a good way to begin. Some suggestions on where to go to get started and how to turn your emotions into cash.

A Tip
In this chapter, Steve Irwin shares his valuable insight into the thoughts of the producer or studio owner. Some important dos and don'ts that will save you time, embarrassment and disappointment. The secrets of the pros are unlocked on these pages.

The Audition Demo
The business card of the voice-over talent. With a great audition tape, you can go very far. With a marginal or bad audition tape, you'll be finished before you can ever begin. Steve Irwin shares over 35 years of successful audition tape production and guides you in the critical area of constructing a successful audition tape that best showcases your talents.

Every great audition tape begins with a good script. The best audition tapes feature several. Find out why scripts are so important, where to find them, what they should contain, and what to do with them.

Your demo
In this chapter, the author guides you in the actual construction of your personal audition demo. Providing valuable insight on what to lead with - and what to avoid. Steve Irwin will show you how to put your best foot foward, saving you time and money in the recording studio.

The commercial side
This chapter breaks the audition tape into two sides. The commercial side of your demo will probably be listened to the most. Chances are this is the side of the tape that will bring you the financial rewards you're seeking. Take the time to make it right. In this chapter, you'll learn how.

The narration side
Narrations are used on corporate videos, audio visual slide shows, training videos, documentaries, sales promotion tapes and point of sale advertising, to name just a few. Steve Irwin will show you how to make an industrial narration demo that will command attention and respect.

The Recording Studio
Most newcomers to the voice-over business don't have access to a recording studio to create their demo tape. In this chapter, the author shows you how to find the right studio for your needs and teaches you how to create a quality audition tape at a reasonable cost. What to expect, how to relax during the session and more.

Cassette Duplication & Distribution
How many tapes should you send out? And to where? Find the answers in this chapter.

A necessary component in the life of a voice talent. Here are just a few tips on how to prepare for the audition and how to get through this sometimes nerve-wracking, sometimes easy experience. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. This chapter will teach you how to increase your chances of winning -- and maintaining your confidence when you don't.

Performers Unions
There are two unions that may be a part of your career. AFTRA; American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and SAG; Screen Artists Guild. Learn the pros and cons of union membership -- and how doing voice-overs professionally can lead to retirement income and health benefits.

Self Promotion
The mastery of self-promotion can mean the difference in a six-figure income or starvation in the voice-over business. This capter provides a valuable "how-to" lesson in self promotion.

Special Bonus!
If you order Steve Irwin's cyber-booklet today, you will also receive Jeff McNeal's actual working voiceover demo for study and analysis. Provided in the MP3 format, this professional recording will give you an idea of what an actual demo sounds like! FYI, Jeff is currently one of L.A.'s leading voice talents, appearing in numerous national television, radio, satellite broadcast, theatrical trailer and industrial narration campaigns.

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Basic instruction for beginners for how to break into a career in television and radio voice over career.
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